New Faces of Prayer at Christ Church

Prayer permeates our common life in many ways, from shared worship to individual supplication. Last year, CEC’s Parish Life committee established an ongoing Prayer Tree to receive requests for prayer from parishioners. This Lent, beginning Tuesday evening, March 14th, we add Centering Prayer to our spectrum of prayer practice.

How does the Prayer Tree work? Members of Christ Church’s Prayer Tree receive requests for prayer — whether for healing, for peace, for thanksgiving or praise — and first say a prayer on behalf of the person requesting it and then pass the request on to one other member of the tree, who then repeats the process.  Petitions thus propagate person to person through the tree and receive personal and individual attention. Our hope is that those requesting prayers find some measure of peace in knowing that fellow parishioners are taking up their petitions; with the passage of time we all rejoice together and comfort each other as needed. Anyone may make a request, no matter how small, or if you feel called to join the tree and pray on behalf of parishioners, please contact the church office to be put in touch with the director, Jane Smith, or contact her directly.

What is Centering Prayer? It is a meditative/contemplative practice that involves quiet sitting for 20 minutes per session, with an opening of the heart to God. Introduced by Fr. Thomas Keating several years ago, it has gained worldwide use. See for more information. At Christ Church, Centering Prayer sessions will be lead by Megan Bean each week, starting Tuesday, March at 7pm in the Chapel. If you have questions or think you might want to join the group, please contact the church office or talk with Megan directly.