Growth & Change

by Rev. Susan

Christ Church has been growing! Last year, we grew almost twenty percent and this year we continue to add families every week. As you look through some of our photos, notice the many new faces along with the more familiar ones.

While we rejoice that more and more households find Christ Church to be a place that they can call home, we have also noticed that the needs of our growing congregation, at times, seem to be at odds with one another.

The increasing number of children in worship seem to need a quicker pace of worship, more engagement of young people
in the service, and music that is more accessible. Our established congregation continues to be drawn to the longer, more complex sermon, the beautiful music of our choir, and the changes in our liturgy which increase the opportunities for silence and more contemplative corporate worship.

After conversation with the Education Committee, the vestry, the wardens, and Dr. Laura Russell, it seems that we have begun to discern that it may be time for Christ Church to change its Sunday morning schedule in an attempt to respond to these new needs in our community.

We are proposing a new schedule for Sunday morning beginning October 1, 2017:

8 a.m. Rite One Worship
9 a.m. Family Worship with Music (no choir)
10 a.m. Intergenerational Education Hour
11 a.m. Worship with Choir

It is our hope that the 10 a.m. education hour will be an opportunity to join together as a whole community each week.
Our minister of music has offered to give the choir one week a month so that they may participate in the education. A committee has been formed to plan the education for this time and details will be provided about educational offerings as they become available.

I know that this represents a big change for the Christ Church community. Please know that I will be meeting with the Worship Committee, Fellowship Committee, and other key stakeholders to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. It is my hope that this new schedule will allow us to continue to make room for those in Poughkeepsie and the surrounding areas who need the kind of progressive, inclusive Christian community that we have been for more than two hundred and fifty years.