Who We Are

At Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie you will find a vibrant and growing community of individuals and families, on a journey together towards a more complete life with God.  We are a community that expresses welcome, compassion, and hospitality to all who enter our doors.

We range in age from infant to those-of-more-mature-years. We are single, in families, and partnered.

We are straight and gay.

We are looking for work, working nine-to-five, working more than one job, and recently retired.

We vote blue and we vote red.

We are traditional in our outlook towards liturgy and music, while at the same time we love to experiment in liturgy and music.

We are able-bodied, use walkers, skateboards, bicycles, and are in motorized wheelchairs.

Most especially, we are all God’s children.

What We Believe

Follow the links below to find ready and accessible resources that provide brief descriptions of ‘what we believe’. That’s in quotes, because other than the liturgies found within the Book of Common Prayer, there is no official published “set of beliefs” in the Episcopal Church. And frankly, we don’t all agree what the words in the Prayer Book mean!  But that doesn’t mean that “we don’t believe anything” as some have said about the Episcopal Church.

We invite you to come and explore with us, as we develop our faith in community.

From the Diocese of New York: