Camp Finances

Summer Camp is Postponed

Until 2021!

REGULAR CAMP TUITION: $600 (includes $50 deposit)

Please pay by check or money order made out to Christ Church Summer Camp.

Full Payment by June 5. As we try to keep camp affordable for camp families by seeking alternate sources of income in the community and beyond, we need your cooperation in paying tuition and fees on time.   Funding is necessary in order to operate a successful 6-week camp program that provides the variety of activities the children both learn from and enjoy and that can attract the excellent staff we hire.

Installment Plan: If you cannot pay the entire tuition at the time of registration, we will have an installment plan available. For this plan to work you must begin a payment schedule as soon as possible, preferably the first registration date.. Contact the camp registrar, at 845/ 229-5621 to set up a payment schedule. Please note, a camper must be FULLY REGISTERED in order to set up an installment plan.

An Exception: The only exception to the stated deadline is if you qualify for the Department of Family and Community Services childcare subsidy or emergency funding which has its own method of payment. To find out if you qualify for the D.F.C.S. childcare subsidy, you must visit the childcare division at 60 Market Street and complete their application. You will receive an enrollment form that you should bring to Summer Camp when you register your child.  If your child is in foster care, speak to your case worker regarding childcare assistance.

Payment in full is due June 5, regardless of method of payment elected.

A limited amount of scholarship assistance is available to families who qualify. You must register your child and pay the deposit BEFORE we will consider your application for tuition assistance.

Summer Camp  Scholarship form

If you have questions, please email c[email protected] or

leave a message in the camp’s Voicemail at 845-471-3068.